Baking Pan Basics

Posted on 16 March 2010 by NineIron

baking-cakeBaking a cake can be a tremendously rewarding experience. Creating a delicious desert gives you a special sense of accomplishment, and you’ll also bask in the glow of compliments friends and family are sure to offer. But before you start taking victory laps, you’ll need to make sure that you select the proper baking pan for a given recipe. Remember the general rule that a “pan” refers to a metal receptacle and a “dish” is typically made of glass.

It’s also crucial that your baking pan is the right size for the recipe. Otherwise you might end up with an overflowing desert. If your dish is too small to accommodate a recipe, don’t despair. You can pare down the ingredients and the cooking time, ending up with fewer servings but just as fulfilling of an experience. Some recipes will call for greasing your pan, but this might not be necessary if you have a cast iron loaf pan.

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  1. Chris Kelley Says:

    I could not agree more that cast iron cookware has the best surface for all cooking needs, baking included, but it does take a little work to get that great seasoned non-stick surface. Most of the time even when a pan comes pre-seasoned from the factory (unless it’s enameled cast iron) the cooking surface will still need some seasoning work before it has that great non-stick quality. If you want to read up on the best way to season a cast iron cooking surface fee free to check out the “other resources” section on my site at You will see a link to, click on that link to find the best solution to properly seasoning your cast iron cookware surface.

  2. cynthia7214 Says:

    Do you know where I can get a round cast iron cake pan that makes cakes like your picture? I have looked everywhere and can’t find one.

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